Michels Warren Munday is based in Darwin. We specialise in strategic communication, from writing media releases to marketing and communication strategies or community engagement.

When might you use us?

  • when you have  complex issues you want to explain (strategic communication)
  • when you need to work with community groups to genuinely listen to their concerns and understand their stories (community engagement) 
  • when you want professional writing and editing services (strategic writing) 
  • when you want to connect with people who might use your services (marketing strategies) 
  • when you are running an event, seeking publicity or building relationships with the community (public relations) 
  • when you have a crisis and need to communicate with the media (crisis communication and media relations)
  • when you want people to be aware of an issue and change their behaviour (social marketing campaigns).

Being strategic means understanding your audience, having a clear objective and planning. That’s where we come in. To do the planning, make you look professional, and ensure you get your message across.

Not sure? Talk to us. We don’t charge to tell you what we do!

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